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Nominations for Elected Positions with LSNA

Posted 4 months ago

Are you enthusiastic, energetic, and ready to go to the next level?

LSNA has leadership openings for nurses looking to chart the course for Louisiana nurses and making meaningful connections with other nurse leaders.
The Nominating Committee, Chaired by Elsie Meaux, President of the Acadiana District, announces a call for nominations!

LSNA Board of Directors elections will be held at the Membership Assembly on Thursday, April 22, 2021 and Friday, April 23, 2021. You are welcome to nominate yourself or another nurse who wants to serve at a state level.

Being a director will give you proven valuable experience as a state leader.
Being a director will give you the access to Louisiana's best and the brightest in nursing.
Becoming a director will give you the tools you need to suceed as a Louisiana nursing trailblazer.

Click here to make a nomination.